I really don't have much to say about this first chapter except for the fact that I am releived that I'm done with it. Everything that is needed to know is there for this first portion; the characters Auris, Morgan, Julius, and the Audition Guy (to be named later) are introduced, how they behave and bring about their attitudes and most importantly, how they manage to get into a house that they have no idea of. Not much action, philosophy or religion is mentioned, but it doesn't mean that this chapter is unimportant. After all, most of the story is very character-driven.

I had a hard time drawing every character (especially Morgan and Auris), and it wasn't until the end of this chapter than they finally look defined rather than wobbly. As noticed, Morgan's hair seems longer and tamer, and Auris...well, that's my reason why he's wearing a party hat other than the fact that it is going to rain. Also the transitions between each pages seems choppy so the pacing seems a bit uneven both in timing and mood.