("what I have written, I have written" John 19:22)

You've been warned.

All characters are fictional. All events are fictional. Should there ever be a simularity between the events or personalities of the webcomic and the events or personalities of real life (or real afterlife), The author will deem such events as coincidential then wil go off in the nearest bathroom and go into another one of those "happy fits".

The author should also warn that many of the elements of the comic are mildly subject to controversy. The webcomic's interpretations towards the Christian beliefs and its complex dogma, the various beleifs of the afterlife, and to such supernatural and conspiracy-like phenomenas, historical contexts, and scientific theories proposed in the webcomic should be taken lightly by the reader, (so the author hopes).If you don't like what you see, then don't read it.

Futhermore, this comic contains some bad language and some violence.

Nevertheless, Happy reading. ^___________^

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