Glossary - in alphebetical order - (incomplete)

Adam and Eve: The first earthy beings made in the "likeness of God". They are responsible for setting free will and sin into humanity, as well as starting the first angelic rebellion.

"Angels": Spiritual beings made in the likeness of God. They are the servants and Children of God.

Baptism: the first and most important sacrament/ritual in the church that uses holy water. Baptism is a ritual that enables a person to be a member of the church, and is thought to eliminate original sin. But most importantly, Baptism enables the soul to pass through water and find the way.

The book of life and death: a mythical book of the Watcher called Azriel. This angel/watcher is assigned to write down the names of the living. Once he erases a name, the person dies.

Electricity: one of Professor Katz hair-brained theories: spirits and souls have simular electrical properties as televisions, radios, telephones...therefore, it's possible for souls to communicate to humans through someone's toaster rather than materializing. The properties of telepathy between individuals can also fall under this theory.

Exorcism: a ritual/ practice involving an experienced priest who has the ability to cast out a possession.

The earth: Physically and scientifically, it is a tiny dirt ball that hovers somewhere in the wide, wide universe. But in spiritual terms, it is also the tiny realm of the living where all kinds of life thrive.

Demons: "Fallen" Angels who infulence or tempt sin upon humans. Many are shapeshifters, who can assume any pleasing form.

Dreams: Becuase of the Electricity theory, spirits and demons can also communicate through people's dreams due to electrical waves in the brain.

Death: the most feared fate. Primarily, it is the soul seperating from its physical body. However, Death also has a second phase where the soul must cease to exist, and free itself from earthly personality, memory, and materialism. Those who cannot do this are forever lost. (see heaven)

"Departed" : Those leaving Netherworld--the second death. Very few are the "Faithfully Departed".

"The fallen": Short for fallen angels/watchers. Basically, those who rebell.

Free Will: the limitless power of imagination and wisdom on earth. Although this trait destinguishes a soul from a spirit, Humans don't always handle free will very well. Therefore, Free Will isn't just a gift; it is also a curse. (see materialism)

Ghosts: passed souls who have the ability to materialize, or appear to the naked eye. Few are able to master this.

God: the "creator of all things, seen and unseen". Man often wonders if God truely exist.

Good and Evil: the most basic moral concept in life. Good is a concept of love, wisdom, satisfaction, and a respect for life in all aspects. Evil is a concept of pain, negativity, selfishness and most importantly, an unrelenting craving for power. Those who beleive in evil are those who find pleasure in suppressing others.

Humans: They are earthly beings made in the "Image of God". Thanks to sin, they are seldomly the servants and children of God. Nevertheless, humans are the only earthly beings who aquire free will.

Heaven: the final destination where absoulute happiness, love, wisdom and life are found. A soul who enters this place loses both their memory and persona.

Lost souls: Good and deserving souls who want to reach heaven, but cannot find the way. One of the many kinds of souls trapped in the Netherworld.

Materialism: Antoher one of Professor Katz's Hair-brained theories. Materialism is given behavior that all souls (living and dead) desire to stay and exist on Earth, whetever it is Unfinished Buisness, attraction to a solid object or a living person, etc. Materialism can also give souls an endless craving to communicate with the living, tempt the living, and perhaps, possess them. Materialism, is also throught to be a property of Sin and Rebellion. (see also Good and Evil)

Materializing: the ability for a soul or a spirit to appear to the living. Few are able to do this.

Medium: an individual who can communicate with the dead or the passed. (aka Psychic, Gypsie)

Memory: a major factor that influences Materialism. Becuase of Memory, many souls have "unfinished buisness" and refuse to leave the earthly world which was once their life.

Netherworld: the "bridge", the world that superimposes the realm of the living. AKA purgatory. Basically, the world of the dead.

Original Sin: the first disobedience/sin towards God. This sin also enabled Humans to aquire Free Will. The "mark" of Original sin is passed down throughout humanity, which can be wiped away thorugh baptism.

Prayers: "talking to God". Sometimes, a request (within a prayer) is fuffilled depending on who is listening. Both Watchers, the Fallen, or souls in netherworld may fufil a prayer's hopes...or nightmares.

"Passing": an accurate synonym for death, the passing from the living world, and the Netherworld. A spirit exits out of a body. (see Death)

Possession: a soul who tries to take control of a living human's body. These are souls who have a deperate sense of materialism and are also baptized. Exorcism is one process that ends a possession.

Rebellesness: an act of denouncing or avoiding heaven or god. "the Fallen" rebell (in envy) towards God's love of humans and most Human beings tend to treasure a life on Earth more than a life in Heaven.

Reincarnation: when a soul has a second chance to live a new life on earth. The chances of reincarnation are extremely rare; only watchers can bestow a new beginning on a soul, where a certain mission (from god) in this new life is applied.

Sin: basic acts of evil and/or rebellion. Related to materialism.(see also Good and Evil)

Spirit: the living veil of an individual. Theoretically, spirits cannot be created nor distroyed (with a few rare exceptions)...yet, they can be shaped into personalities.

Soul: Specifically, human spirits bound by Original sin and the concepts of Good and Evil. (ex: Animals do not have a soul, but they do have a spirit). Many souls are bound by materialism.

Sound and Air : A simular theory to Electricity. If sucessful, a soul can manipulate vibrations in the air as an attempt to communicate with the living. (such as whispering, wind, blowing objects, clicking, bumps, etc...)

Stigmata a phenomenon that first started with St. Francis of Assissi. They are marks or piercings in the hands and feet that emulate the wounds of christ. An authentic stigmata must show no signs of healing, or continuous self infliction.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil: the mythological origins of Original sin and Free will in Humanity.

"The watchers": synonym for angels who are assigned to do errands on earth.

Water: the element of all life on earth. Water can create a barrier that the dead cannot pass through. 70% of the human body is composed of water. 90% of the world is covered with oceans. (see baptism)

"The way": a "roadmap" to heaven, or salvation. There are other possible, yet unknown, routes a soul can find the way besides baptism.

Unfinished buisness: a reason for souls to stay on earth and amend thier situations in the living world. Some souls do finish their buisness and can find their way to heaven. Other souls don't even bother and are still attracted to the world of the living. The most desperate of these souls can be the most dangerous (see possession)