The cast

Auris Mortimer - The skeptic
Age: 21 / Occupation: Handicap

Seven days after Auris was born, he was baptised coincidentially in the first outbreaks of the flood that occured 21 years ago and washed up just about everything in the world. Auris is someone anyone would pity. He can't walk, he has little self confidence, is a very confused soul, and is pretty much neglected by the one person he trusts: Morgan. Most of the time, Auris likes to read books, watch TV, and sleep. He tries to make something happy out of his life, yet more and more, he is convinced that life means nothing more than passing the time.

Morgan Beltran - The atheist
Age: 20 / Occupation: Cafe waitress

Fiesty, prideful and cynical, Morgan never gets through the day without absolute cursing. An native born and raised in Esperanza, she never knew her parents who disappeared in the flood. She has little patience, but she'll have to save it if she's to keep up two jobs and get the money to pay the bills. To her, money and materialism is everything . Hey! what's the use of life if there's no pleasure in it?

Father Julius Santos - The Beleiver
Age: 25 / Occupation: Catholic Priest

Julius had been raised by nuns in the monastaries, but with the collapse of the church, he was sent to a very well educated boarding school and had a hard time adapting with strict professors and becomming a wedgie magnet for other classmates. It wasn't until a certain and grave "incident" that forced him to run away from the school and decide to live his life as a priest. Currently he's the only soul in Epseranza, and perhaps the loner left to uphold the catholic dogma in the world. He's honest, forgiving, humorous, but there's something very unsure and guilt-ridden about him. Time and time again, he questions his faith (especially around Morgan) and wonders if there are really any eternal truths as docturned in such a little contradictory book called "The Bible".

Professor Ramon Katz - The scientist
Age: 52? / Occupation: Professor of antropology, religious rituals, and parapsychology.

Cool, suave, mysterious, eccentric, and perhaps grostique, he has a slight jamaican accent and is a former professor of Julius during the boarding school days. He's known to be quite the old-fashioned gentleman, but he is more widely scorned for several theories in spiritualism that the scientific world loves to ridicule. Whereever he is around, he always carries a toaster and a Mohogany-bone walking stick. He lost his wife in the flood 21 years ago.

Sans Nolan - The Schemer
Age: 21 / Ocupation: director, necromancer

To be revealed...

Trent - The Purist
Age: 17 / Occupation: Diver, hydromancer

To be revealed...



Ana - The Captain
Ana is the captain and Meteorologist of the Arc, a cruiseliner luxury ship turned bouyant city to the survivors of the flood. She is Professor Katz sister in law, but is still bitter in her older sister's death and the "effects" it has brought to her eccentric husband.

Madam cemu - The Psychic
A material psychic (one who reads signs within crystal balls and tarrot cards). When faced with some difficult decisions, Ana turns to her.

The mysteres :
(The denizens of the Netherworld)

Michael: A certain Jack russel terrier with pointy ears. He's Julius' little companion throughout the story and is quite the smart dog than one may think.

The ferryman: Hey! Isn't that Jerome?

The child: Perhaps the most important character.

The conductor: He loves his job too.

Magdeline: Julius once knew her.