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| file 49 |
File 49 : Nostalgic, mysterious and wacky comic of psychic children under a forbidden goverment file.

The Front. Spiffy bad guys, kooky characters, great plot, cool art, and a fuzzy white henchman. its everything you can possibly want from a comic. :-P

| articide |
Articide/Great Vagueness: Crazy tales about Space traveling pirates and a teddy bead named HANK!

| ZAP! |
ZAP! : Psychics + space travelling = Chris' and Pascalle's brainchild of a warp-speed witty webcomic.

+ a colorful fantasy webcomic. Did I say color? +
Cascadia : great art, good humor, nice read. Check it out.

| wish3 |
Wish 3 : Webcomic of a teenager inheriting 3 deadly wishes who must find a way out.

BNS: The clever, sexy, bizzare and funny as hell ventures of bachlors and their love of women...and coffee.

A softer world: No idea how to describe this. A Webcomic? A photo album? poetry? It's more than all three.

+ the sky was the color of a television set turned to PBS...+
No headroom: crazy, and funny as hell sci-fi webcomic. Completed.:

Schwarz kreuz : Violent but awesome comic of two agents: a psychic and Vamplre and an involved 'revelations' plot. And one of the best beginnings I've seen so far!

| Terminal |
Terminal: My hellhole of a webcomic. Wierd evolving art, crazy plot. Webcomic updates no more but will start script soon.


The compleat Alice: Gotta love her style. Creepy, yet, inquisitive.

Demonology 101: + 600 pages! Very well known comic of a teenage demon and the conflicts surround.

Soul-D : Another comic dealing with somewhat civil demons and a girl who sells her soul.

Flesh and Blood: A comic also involving teenagers and demons.

Wander : Manga about ghostbusters and haunted places.

Fallen: Beautifully drawn comic of the angels and creatures of the altae world.


Wirepop/ Razornetwork: Great quality online mangas. Special thanks to George Panella 4 hosting.

Munerift , 2 (No banner yet) Aislynn Mune's site. Much love!!!^_______^!

Kat: ^__________________^




Hard wired for god?
Christian buddha
"reflections on religion"
The Punk Priest
Mystical Stigmata*
Craigslist Ad: Haunted Toaster *

M. Night Shyamalan

His Dark Materials - Phillip Pullman
Angels and Demons - Dan Brown

The prophet -Kahlil Gibran

The Miracle Detective- Randall Sullivan
An exorcist tells his story -
Gabriele Amorth
An exorcist - More stories -
Gabriele Amorth
American Exorcism -
Michael U. Cuneo
Ghosts and Hauntings - Reader's Digest
Ghosts, Spirits and Hauntings - Patricia Telesco*

* = Comic Related Information.